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MAMA Systems Inc. developed the Multiple Application Multiple Articulation SEATING SYSTEM (see views of pediatric x-ray chair) for children, to assist pediatricians, x-ray technicians and other health care providers, with a simple solution to dealing with pediatric patients. The MAMA chair is a seating system designed for infants, toddlers, children with special
positioning needs (chair specs). 

MAMA Chair

Seating System for Children
"We care about your kids!"

Videoflouroscopic swallowing studies
* Videoflouroscopic phonation studies
 * Ultrasound swallowing studies
* Positioning assessment/adjustment
* Wheelchair fitting/adjustment
* Feeding evaluation and treatment
* Oral motor therapy
* Speech/language therapy

Write or call for further information and current price list.

MAMA Systems Inc.
MAMA Systems Inc.

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