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The MAMA chair is a seating system designed especially for infants, toddlers, children, and children with special positioning needs.  The chair fits in any standard fluoroscopy unit so that it can be used for swallowing and phonation studies.

"We care about your kids!"
Seat surface height
Outside seat width
Inside seat width 
Outside seat depth

28-1/2 inches
15-1/2 inches
12-1/2 inches
16 inches

Accurate Replication
* Easy measurement of chair position assures accurate replication during subsequent studies.
* Accurate measurement of position changes during a study or from one study to the next.
Standard Equipment
Vinyl seat cushion
* Six (6) support pads
* One (1) pommel
* One (1) head pad
* One (1) storage purse
* One (1) H harness
* One (1) buckle lap belt

Multiple Applications
Videoflouroscopic swallowing studies
* Videoflouroscopic phonation studies
* Ultrasound swallowing studies
* Positioning assessment/adjustment
* Wheelchair fitting/adjustment
* Feeding evaluation and treatment
* Oral motor therapy
* Speech/language therapy

Multiple Articulations
* Each surface of the seating system can be adjusted independently of every other section.
* Simulates the typical position of the child with special needs.

* Adjusts quickly without special tools
* Five (5) independent adjustments
* Hip, trunk head support adjustments
Two (2) pommel positions
Easily adjustable H harness
Obtain lateral and A-P views  with-out removing the child from the chair.
* Easy to move from department to department.
* Easy to store.
Safety Features
* Buckle lap belt
* Sturdy H harness
* All wheels lock

* Head pad
* Pommel
* Anti-tilt bars
Easy to Clean
* Plastic laminate seat surfaces
* Vinyl seat cushion
* Vinyl support pads and pommel
* Washable nylon harness
* Plastic laminate seat surfaces
* Sturdy molded vinyl seat edges
* Steel frame
Size Limits
* Height - newborn to five (5) feet
* Weight - newborn to 75 pounds
* Any age child that meets the size limits can be positioned in the chair.
* Can x-ray through the chair.

MAMA Systems Inc.
MAMA Systems Inc.

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